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Welcome to Digital Mom, a blog about raising kids in a digital world. Many of our lives our centered around new technology and our adoption of it into our work, families and homes. The challenge in keeping up with the technological times comes as we’re faced with the loss of simpler interaction and traditions. I hope we can embrace both the simple and the most complex. This blog will follow as I explore the possiblities. I hope you’ll join me.

Interestingly, as I started this blog today, I Googled the term “digital mom” and found a survey released this week on the subject. The two-part report, Digital Mom by Razorfish, a digital marketing company, and CafeMom, a social networking site for moms, looks at moms’ adoption of emerging technologies and the role of social media in the lives of moms.

The report found that digital moms — women with at least one child under 18 in the home who have engaged with two or more emerging technologies and who have research, sought advice or purchased a product online in the last three months — have social network profiles (65 percent), use text messaging (56 percent) and play games online or via a console (52 percent).

Ultimately, this information will be used to develop marketing plans aimed at us. We’ll look at that more later. But  let’s start with what’s here. Does any of the above surprise you? Me, not so much. I love Zappos.com. Almost all my friends on Facebook are moms — even my mom has a page. I play Bewjeweled on my cell phone and Rock Band on the Wii. No surprises here.

So tell me, are you a digital mom?

Photo credit: jan-don (Flickr)

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I am a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter and blogger. Contact me for your next creative project.
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4 Responses to Welcome Digital Moms

  1. Amanda Evey says:

    Hey, are you doing this for research for a story? Don’t forget your itunes too.

    • mjsais says:

      I’m actually starting this as an outlet to write as often as possible. This is a subject that I think about and research often, so it seemed to make sense. I’ll also use it as a website for my resume and clips to which to direct clients. Thanks for reading.

  2. Jerry says:

    I’m not currently a digital mom. Was there anything in the research that is unique to moms versus other goups such as dads?

  3. mjsais says:

    The research specifically surveyed 1500 “digital moms.” Dads were not included in the study. Perhaps I’ll Google “digital dads” tomorrow and see where they stand. Although you’re not a digital “mom” I hope you’ll stick around as we explore digital parenting in general. I’m sure you can offer valuable insight.

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