Surprise! Kids Motivate Digital Moms

digitalmom_coverThe Razorfish study examining the lives of moms in the digital world, Digital Mom, found that moms with children 12 and older are motivated to adopt new technologies to stay in tune with their children. These moms use social networks, blog, watch online video, game, read online consumer reviews, and watch or listen to podcasts.

I’ll admit that my playing video games, delving into social networking , and online video watching are directly linked to my kids — although they’ve yet to reach 12. Video and computer games are fun because they are something that at this stage in their lives my kids enjoy sharing. They would like me to play more. Aside from a good time, my participation also allows me to monitor what they’re playing and how it impacts them. I guess I should keep it up so that when they do hit 12 it won’t be strange for Mom to suddenly take an interest, which is likely to make them suspicious.

I started a Facebook page about four months ago so that I could see what it was all about. I wanted to be ready for the day my kids came to me wanting an online presence, which they inevitably will. I wanted to be able to react with understanding and knowledge. And it turned out to be fun and a mild addiction. By experiencing it myself, I hope to be better prepared to help them understand the purpose and the dangers, and to set the rules and boundaries.

Online video, well, it’s bath, books and bed time during Lost, so I have to watch it online.

The Digital World is the world in which our children live. They must know how to operate in it to suceed. My job as a parent is to gain the knowlege to prepare them to surpass me, which in many digital ways they already have.

Have your kids pushed you into the digital unknown? How do digital dads weigh in on the subject?

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1 Response to Surprise! Kids Motivate Digital Moms

  1. Ann says:

    Very interesting. A good idea to keep up with your children and their world because it is their world and they will leave you behind. You will always be trying to catch up.

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