A Five-Year-Old and an iPod

Doing the iPod Shuffle

Doing the iPod Shuffle

Does a five-year-old need an iPod?

He loves mine, and it’s the old stick-of-gum shaped Shuffle. How many times have I started on a run only to find the Backyardagins and Hannah Montana accompanying me, leftover from the night before when he needed something to drown out the guy in the top bunk’s sports talk radio station.

He says he wants an iPod for his birthday in July. I just don’t know if I can bring myself to do it. Call me old-fashioned, but it just seems like too much technology and expense for what will then be a six-year-old. Albeit a six-year-old who really does love music. Now his sister did get a pink Shuffle for her birthday, but, hey, she was turning eight.

For now I’ll just keep switching playlists as needed. Then again, a Nano would solve my playlist problem, and my birthday’s in May.

So here’s my question: By providing these technological “necessities,” are we creating a sense of entitlement in our kids or are we preparing them for the world in which we will one day release them?

photo credit: DragonWoman (Flickr)

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1 Response to A Five-Year-Old and an iPod

  1. Amanda says:

    I think as long as his interactions with people are not cut off because he has an iPod. You see a lot of kids with their parents at dinner or out somewhere and they are on video games or are wearing iPod’s. I remember having a walkman when I was a kid. As far as the entitlement goes, I think as long as you limit the use of it, that attitude shouldn’t be there. Isn’t this along the same lines as video games and computer games? Maybe it’s different because they share the games and the iPod would be his?

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