Avoid the Crash

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The tanking economy and stock market woes has put the word “crash” on many a mind. There’s not much most of us can do to assist Bernanke or Geithner with their epic endeavor, but there’s another kind of crash we digital moms and dads do need to prepare for — a computer crash.

Mine came in June 2007. I blamed Disney’s Toontown, but should have blamed myself for having no internet security and no current backup. Of course I was on deadline for a writing project and about to leave town for a week. Techs were able to save my data, but the machine was fried and I lost a day of writing to buying a new computer.

I learned my lesson and back up to an external hard drive weekly. I keep my Norton security up to date. And for a long time I didn’t let my kids play any games on my computer. I’ve given in some on that one.

Today while researching a journalism training course, I came across a great resource that I’m going to add to my security efforts. Amy Webb, a digital media consultant and head of Webbmedia Group LLC, has come up with a crashsheet to download and fill in. It covers everything from the serial number of your computer to email account information to your social networking usernames. Even the phone number of a tech-savvy friend. Everything you’ll need to have on hand if you computer crashes. Assuming I can find all this information, I’m going to fill it out and keep it in a private and safe place. You can download it at http://www.webbmediagroup.com/crashsheet1.pdf

Any other crash horror stories out there? What do you do to keep your digital world safe?

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2 Responses to Avoid the Crash

  1. Amy Webb says:

    Hey there – thanks for the mention! What obviously got left off of the story that I wrote was that I once experienced a big crash and, at the time, didn’t have any of that information on hand. It was a humbling experience to have to call tech support and, over and over again, say “uh, well, I’m not exactly sure…” Whether you fill in this sheet or just make some notes of your own, keep track of the stuff you own in case evil things happen!

    Congrats on launching your blog, by the way!

  2. Melissa Sais says:

    Until I suffered a computer incident, it was so easy to push back up to the back burner. The same is true of assembling the information on your crashsheet. I love the crashsheet because it’s so thorough and clear — really a great resource.

    Enjoyed your blog and column. I plan to check in with your regularly.

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