Investigating MMORPGs

Should I let my kid play this?

Should I let my kid play this?

What does a Digital Mom do when her 10-year-old wants to register to play something called RuneScape, a “massively mulitplayer online role playing game” — an MMORPG?

His friends were playing online there and he wanted to join them. I wanted to just say no, just never go there because it’s unknown, could be dangerous, could introduce him to things, attitudes, people I’d rather he avoid. Then I took a deep breath and told him I would investigate and then decide. Then I went immediately to What They Play.

What They Play is a parents’ online guide to video games. Type the name of the game you want to learn about into their search box and get a detailed review of the game – what exactly is it, how to play it, costs, thematic content, is it “safe”, ratings. It even told me to call it an MMORPG so I’d sound like I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve used this site several times and find it an invaluable resource. I’ve used it to give myself the backup I need to say no and I’ve used it to review a game before I let my son buy it. As a digital parent, I’ve got to keep up with what my kids hear about and want and be able to make informed decisions. What They Play helps me do that.

As for RuneScape, we proceed with caution. More on that soon.

What resources do you use to make informed gaming decisions?

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5 Responses to Investigating MMORPGs

  1. Reyes says:


    Check out this web series:

    It is about people that play the MMORPG called World of Warcraft. Not a show for Alex, but amusing. Could give you insight into possible outcomes of playing these games.

    • Melissa Sais says:

      Reyes: OK, that’s scary. Funny, but scary. Yet another layer for Digital Mom to worry about! Just wait, your turn is coming.

  2. Melissa Sais says:

    Thanks, Reyes. I’ll check it out. See what the future may hold? Yikes!

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