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Lesson in Appreciation

Here are 10 things I like about my kids. Continue reading

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On alert for video game rash

Well, thought I could relax.  It now seems that a new danger is lurking for digital moms to worry about — PlayStation palmar hidradenitis. The BBC reported in February that a 12-year-old girl received treatment in a Swiss hospital for … Continue reading

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Maybe I can relax – a little

I think all digital moms worry about the amount of “screen time” we allow our kids. I sometimes have to step back and realize that my kids are active and healthy. They enjoy many different activities and know how to have fun in many different ways. Continue reading

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Daily Digital Distraction

How do you keep the digital from taking over your life? Continue reading

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Be selective with FB photos

Facebook Tip: When loading photos into your Facebook albums, be selective. Don’t upload the entire contents of your camera. I don’t need to see that blurry image of the duck you saw at Disney World , or whatever that is. … Continue reading

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Digital memory making

I use Windows Movie Maker to create mini movies of birthdays, sporting events and Christmas. The whole process of making the DVDs just takes so darn long. Continue reading

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Facebook travel journal

My sister did a fantastic thing on her recent trip to Italy. On several days of her 2-week trip, she and her husband posted pictures and notes about their journey on their Facebook pages. Now, as a mom with three kids and all the attention, time and paraphalia that entails, would I realistically be able to to match that on my next vacation? Continue reading

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Thank you, iTunes

Amassing music digitally makes it so much easier to get your current favorites. Can’t you remember making a four-hour long tape recording of America’s Top 40? And how about 45s — Lucky Star by Madonna, anyone? Cassette singles? Don’t Worry, Be Happy? Yikes! Continue reading

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Nearest bathroom app — for real

I know that all moms have maps to the nearest restroom from any where they are currently located permanently imprinted on their brains, but now there’s an app for that. Continue reading

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Kick Ball Revelation

The kids started an impromptu game of kick ball on an empty baseball diamond. I enjoyed the sight of kids managing their own playtime. Picking teams, applying the rules, playing fair all on their own. No coaches, no refs, no parents. My goal is to see more of that this summer. Continue reading

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