Let it be

Good news for Digital Moms who love to play Rock Band or who love kids who play the game. My neighborhood GameStop shows Sept. 9 as the drop date for The Beatles: Rock Band.

The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band

The Rock Band site says players will take “a journey though the legacy and evolution of the band’s legendary career.” Count me in. I love the Beatles. And maybe my kids will stop singing Dirty Little Secret and Roxanne.

It isn’t cheap, $59.99. It will be available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii. I’ll start saving my quarters in a jar now.

The songs I’m most hoping to play? In My Life and Help. How about you?

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I am a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter and blogger. Contact me for your next creative project.
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2 Responses to Let it be

  1. I’m not even a mom, (actually I’m not even 12 yet), but I like the blog. I wish I had a Wii, it sounds cool.

    • Melissa Sais says:

      Sir: You should save up and get a Wii. It will fit in the polkadot suitcase. I like your blog too. Great lists. I plan to get my son to guest blog for me too. Do you have any advice for him?

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