Kick Ball Revelation

Kick BallI had a great “non-digital” experience last weekend between soccer games. With about an hour and a half to kill, we were packing up our gear from the first game when the kids started an impromptu game of kick ball on an empty baseball diamond.

What started with just the three of them quickly grew. Players ranging in age from 5 to 13 flowed in and out of the game as their schedules allowed. When it dwindled down to two-on-two, runners were sent home to kick, while their “ghosts” ran the bases — a rule I had forgotten.

My husband and I sat in the dugout and just enjoyed the sight of kids managing their own playtime. Picking teams, applying the rules, playing fair all on their own. No coaches, no refs, no screaming fans.

My goal is to see more of that this summer.

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