Nearest bathroom app — for real

I know that all moms have maps to the nearest restroom from any where they are currently located permanently imprinted on their brains, but now there’s an app for that.

I heard about it on NPR’s All Tech Considered. Named Sit or Squat, it’s an app that will send information on the location of the nearest public restroom to your mobile phone.

According to the app’s creator Dense Brain, an engineering and design firm, they “took a common issue; finding a public restroom, and turned it into an application people could resort to in a time of need. The idea is presented in the form of a website as well as mobile applications. Anyone can view a toilet and anyone can post a toilet on the site.”

Moms need this. Now, if I only had a phone that could handle it.

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1 Response to Nearest bathroom app — for real

  1. Amanda says:

    I really needed this in Rome!

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