Thank you, iTunes

Classic Shuffle

Classic Shuffle

I’ve been sick of my playlist for at least my past two runs. With all this blogging, I’ve had no time to change it out. So this morning I just grabbed my son’s Shuffle and hoped for the best.

I was pleasantly surprised. Mixed in with the JoBros and Miley were Peter Gabriel (I didn’t even know he had a new song), a little bluegrass from Nickle Creek, Vitamin String Quartet (I guess he saw them on America’s Got Talent) and some driving metal I can’t name but could run to.

It’s because of him that I started using iTunes before I even had a device on which to play them. He liked the music of a radio station that featured DJs with too much focus on innuendo and some songs that I didn’t want him exposed to. I would find out his favorite songs and look at the radio station’s online playlist to pick some others. I’d download them and make CDs for him. We both got what we wanted.

Listening to his playlist now, I’m glad to know he feels free to like what he likes. Amassing music digitally makes it so much easier to get your current favorites. Can’t you remember making a four-hour long tape recording of America’s Top 40? And how about 45s — Lucky Star by Madonna, anyone? Cassette singles? Don’t Worry, Be Happy? Yikes!

Did you have a favorite 45?

Photo credit: DragonWoman (flickr)

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