Maybe I can relax – a little



I think all digital moms worry about the amount of “screen time” we allow our kids. Is it frying their brains and turning their bodies into mush? I think it can if we don’t pay some attention to pursuits outside the digital realm. And I realize I have to show leadership in pursuing the non-digital options.

I get better results from saying, “We’re riding bikes at 9,” or “Let’s go throw water balloons,” or “Let’s read another chapter together,” than when I say, “You’ve been staring at that screen too long. Turn it off.”

I sometimes also have to step back and realize that my kids are active and healthy. They enjoy many different activities and know how to have fun in many different ways.

If at age 10 my oldest can run 800 meters in less than three minutes, beating a pack of 10- to 13-year-olds, I think I can relax about the screen time for a while. Or maybe just for a day — I don’t want anybody to get out of control.

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