On alert for video game rash

Well, thought I could relax.  It now seems that a new danger is lurking for digital moms to worry about — PlayStation palmar hidradenitis.

The BBC reported in February that a 12-year-old girl received treatment in a Swiss hospital for intensely painful sores on the palms of her hands. Researchers writing in the British Journal of Dermatology concluded that the problem was caused by “tight and continuous grasping of [a video game] console’s hand-grips, and repeated pushing of the buttons, alongside sweating caused by the tension of the game.” The girl recovered fully after 10 days of no video games. The horror!

My question: Why is my local newspaper giving me this information three months later? Just think of what could have happened to my precious children!

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1 Response to On alert for video game rash

  1. Jenn says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…I heard about this over the weekend too, and well…I just don’t really have a response. Have fun! Keep those kiddos hands dry!

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