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Film frenzy

Although I know I can’t abandon digital, Kodak’s announcement inspires me to go buy some film, shoot a roll, and wait with anticipation for the images to be handed to me from behind a photo counter. I know it will be worth it. Continue reading

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Unplugged: Girls and Curls

You don’t get any more unplugged than sponge rollers placed with precision by your dad. Continue reading

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The FTC and Me

It’s always important to read everything with a critical eye and to consider the source of your information — online or off. Continue reading

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Extended family calendar goes on-line

Exploring on-line calendars for the extended family. Continue reading

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Unplugged: Fishing with Grandpa

There is nothing better than fishing with Grandpa. It’s a time to learn important things about being a kid. It’s a time to learn that your grandpa was once a kid. It’s a time when coming home dirty and smelly … Continue reading

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Code Names Revealed

What are your thoughts on putting your children’s names and images on line for all to see? Something in me stops me from doing it. Part of it is about protecting their privacy another part is just trying to protect … Continue reading

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Motivated to Save

Because digital gadgets are so expensive, my purchase of them is limited to birthdays and Christmas. What that means is that my kids have become quite adept at saving up for things they want. Let me say that another way: my oldest has become adept at getting his siblings to join in saving for things he’s got his eye on but thinks they’ll enjoy too. Continue reading

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