Code Names Revealed

What are your thoughts on putting your children’s names and images on line for all to see?

Something in me stops me from doing it. Part of it is about protecting their privacy another part is just trying to protect them from danger. Effective protection? I don’t know, but I’m doing it anyway.

But I’m tired of calling them the oldest, the daughter, the youngest in these posts. So I’m going to the code names we use for fun in our house anyway. Here are the introductions:

Dirt Diver: He’s 7, an early riser, loves knights and chess, is deep into his first YAFL football season, and has no fear of picking up bugs, lizards, etc. He has a way of making the world a happy place through his sense of humor, his smile, his loving heart. Favorite digital pursuits: all things Mario, computer chess, numerous iPhone apps.

Rose Red: She’s 9, loves to read mysteries (recommendations welcomed), and is the most caring person I’ve ever known. If  I ever needed a friend, she is who I would pick. She’s also very crafty — in an arts-and-crafts kind of way. Favorite digital pursuits: Roku surfing for favorite TV shows,  Webkinz, Word Mole on Dad’s Blackberry.

Cool Breeze: He turned 12 this summer. His true loves are football, video games, dinosaurs and sports talk radio. He is extremely driven and competitive, but he’s got a soft heart for his family. He’s also got a mind like a steel trap. If I need to know anything about anything, I ask him first. Favorite digital pursuits: the PS3 he saved up for on his own, Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass on the DSi, and iTunes.

Dog Patch: He’s the top. Loves surfing, coaching football and stock market analysis. Favorite digital pursuits: gadgets.

Me, I’m Snake Doc, but you know my real name so no need for the code.


About Melissa W. Sais

I am a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter and blogger. Contact me for your next creative project.
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17 Responses to Code Names Revealed

  1. Mystery recommendations for Rose Red: the Meg series by Holly something-or-other and the Trixie Belden series, and – of course – the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

  2. Jenn says:

    Very nice! Love the code names.

    Okay, so you elaborated on the code names for the rest of the family…but yours…Snake Doc? Care to explain?

    • Melissa Sais says:

      Actually, they’re from the television show The Unit – it’s about an Army Special Forces team. Dog Patch and I love that show and he assigned all those names to us. Except for Rose Red. Her Unit name is Betty Blue, but when I told her about this post, she got mad because she didn’t want the world calling her a guy’s name (Betty Blue is a guy). So I said she could be Red Cap, a new character who is a woman. She grimaced at that. It evolved into Rose Red.

      • Melissa Sais says:

        Oh, in the show, Snake Doc is the team leader. He leads his guys into all the dangerous missions. That’s me.

  3. Ann Witt says:

    So cute, but I don’t think I can remember all those code names. I am glad I know the real names.

  4. Charmin says:

    You are soooo creative! I love this whole idea! I think you are right about our kiddos names going out for everyone to see..especially since they would have our home town ect…I think I need to start doing some editing…by the way..the front picture is awesome to…want to do ours!

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