Unplugged: Girls and Curls

sponge rollers and dadYou don’t get any more unplugged than sponge rollers placed with precision by your dad.

I have to admit, my husband is the best dad ever. Red Cap, who changed her name from Rose Red as soon as I published the code names post last week, for two days in a row asked me to roll her hair at about 9 p.m. — when she should have already been in bed. On Tuesday on his way out the door, Dad told her to remind him to curl her hair when he got home.

I figured that meant to remind him to remind me, but that night he spent an hour rolling her hair as promised. The results were great and it’s a memory I will never forget.

Lest you think him an absolute saint, she finished dinner the next day and announced, “I’m going to take a shower right now so we can curl my hair again, Dad.”

He laughed. “Oh, no, I don’t think so.”

Not one to be deterred, she rolled it herself. Nothing can stop that girl when she puts her mind to something.

Speaking of determination, don’t sponge rollers still make the best-bouncing, long-lasting curls ever? What “old-fashioned” greats still have a hold on you?

Photo credit: Melissa W. Sais

“Unplugged” is a once-a-week focus on the non-digital that delves into the fun things we do away from the gadgets and the Web and their importance in our lives.

About Melissa W. Sais

I am a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter and blogger. Contact me for your next creative project.
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2 Responses to Unplugged: Girls and Curls

  1. What a precious pic and story!

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