Film frenzy


My mom scared me last week with the news that Kodak would no longer make film.

“What? No film?” I panicked.

Turns out her facts were off. Kodak will stop making Kodachrome, which is a slide film that represents a fraction of 1 percent of Kodak’s total sales of still-picture films, according to the company. Even when I did shoot slides to go with a few magazine stories I wrote in 2003, I used Ektachrome.

It was the panic at the thought of the no more film that really made me think. I love the creative things I can do with digital photos — compiling them onto DVDs, scrapbook pages, easily sharing them with my family — and the instant gratification. Photography is something I spend time on every day, a hobby passed down to me from my mother and my grandmother.

However, I do miss the richness and clarity of my 35mm shots. My Canon EOS Rebel was the first major purchase my husband and I made after we were married. I bought it for my first reporter/photographer job at a community newspaper, as I needed to return the Nikon I’d commandeered from my mom. I used it at various jobs and assignments and at home for 14 years. I literally loved and still love that camera. It takes beautiful pictures.

I avoided digital photography for a long time because I just didn’t like the quality of the images I saw. I didn’t get a digital camera until two years ago. It’s not a good camera, maybe because it was inexpensive. It washes out everything, can’t shoot a moving subject to save its life, and it’s temperamental. But now I’m hooked.

Although I know I can’t abandon digital, Kodak’s announcement inspires me to go buy some film, shoot a roll, and wait with anticipation for the images to be handed to me from behind a photo counter. I know it will be worth it.

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1 Response to Film frenzy

  1. Jenn says:

    I, too, have become a huge fan of digital photography. I think the biggest draw for me is the technology and ability to manipulate the photos, and quickly access them when needed. I like being able to make videos and slide shows…and using all the new tech toys to play with the photos.

    On the other had, I was saddened this past semester. I was taking a photography class and come to find out, they did nothing except digital. I wanted to learn about the film, how to develop, etc. I ended up dropping the class, but was really shocked that they didn’t still teach basic photography skills.

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