Star Party Tonight

Watching the StarsThere’s something about the starry night that makes keeping the kids up late worth while. Tonight we hope to get a live action show as the Capricornids meteor shower peaks with its “brilliant fireballs.” Skyscrapers Inc. has a good description and how to improve your chances of seeing the shower. We’ll start observing right after sunset in the east-southeast about 20 degrees above the horizon.

For star maps from your location, enter your latitude and longitude, or chose from a list of cities, at For a fun game to play as you watch and wait, make a Star Finder, an astronomical variation of the old “cootie catcher” or “fortune teller” featured at NASA’s Space Place. Fun fact: NASA was established this day, July 29, in 1958. Let’s celebrate with a star party tonight.

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5 Responses to Star Party Tonight

  1. Kristin says:


    I’m new to your blog.

    Thanks for the links to the star maps in our area. I don’t do enough star gazing with our kids.

    It seems the only time we can see the night sky is when we are high in the Sierra Mts. or in the desert. There is too much ambient light in our city–but it’s no excuse, there are awesome telescopes at an observatory only a few miles from our house.

    • Melissa Sais says:

      Hi Kristin,
      Thanks for reading. I’m lucky to live in a small, almost rural town. We can see the stars pretty well, and can find a spot in the desert with no lights at all just a five minute drive away. That said, we still don’t look at the stars as much as we should. –M

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  3. Jenn says:

    oohhhh I’m sad I missed this!!! I’ve been away from your blog, and many computer related situations for a few weeks. I’m WAY sad I missed this opportunity. I LOVE the stars. For me they are pure and holy. They make me contemplate God and creation. Stars speak to my heart and soul and I could sit out and star gaze all night! I wish I had known about this chance.

    But, I did have a small tea party (much more simple than yours) with my niece, a young cousin, and a few of their friends. They had such a good time. Next spring/summer maybe I can get some more tips and advice from you and try again!

    • Melissa Sais says:

      There’s always something amazing to see in the sky. This summer we’ve spent more time than ever star gazing. It is very calming and humbling. It also makes me want to learn more about the skies.

      I’m glad you had your tea party. Wasn’t it just a different kind of fun? Sometimes, when the school year gets crazy and we’re all stressed out, I have them after school for just us. A cup of tea and a PB&J cut into little tiny triangles without crust really changes everyone’s attitude.

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