Birthday: Digital v. Unplugged

breakfastinbedToday is Rose Red’s 9th birthday. Before today I might have described her as the most thoughtful member of the household, but she seems to have inspired her brothers to greatness.

Cool Breeze, with his own savings, bought her a toy she wanted and a Hello Kitty DS game he thought she would like. “I just want to do something great for her because she always helps me out,” he said, as I suggested he only had to buy her one gift.

Dirt Diver colored her a detailed picture and presented her with breakfast in bed this morning — all his own idea. He served Eggos with whipped cream on our tradtional Happy Birthday plate and ice, cold milk in our flashing-lights celebratory drinking glass.

She was thrilled with the honor her brothers showed her. On the digital side, she loved the video game. On the unplugged side, she basked in the breakfast treat. So I guess it takes both, the digital and the unplugged, to make this birthday complete.

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2 Responses to Birthday: Digital v. Unplugged

  1. Amanda says:

    So cute; I didn’t know that Cool Breeze did that I only knew about Dirt Diver. Graciousness rubs off on all of them.

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