WordPress App: Worth It?

WordCount Blogathon 2010 is underway and I have a trip to Boston planned in the middle of it. I may need to post on the fly. With that in mind I’ll be testing the WordPress app for the iPhone this week.

I need to know that it’s relatively convenient for short posts, has the ability to include photos, and that continuous tiny touchscreen typing won’t drive me crazy. Also, does it spell check?

I’m already pleasantly surprised that I can type in landscape mode. One of the reviews I read said you couldn’t. Pays to check it out yourself.

So here I go. Do you use a mobile device to update your blog? What have you learned?

I rec

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2 Responses to WordPress App: Worth It?

  1. slamdunk says:

    I don’t use a mobile device for updates, but if I did, as you stated, it would have to include a spellcheck feature.

    • Melissa Sais says:

      So far, I don’t find a spell check capability. But I was able to approve your comment and write this reply from the app. So that’s pretty cool.

      I plan to keep using the app this week and report next Monday.

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