Get in the Driver’s Seat with Inflatable Racing Kart

If you know kids who love Mario Kart like my kids do, this will excite them.

CTA Digital has built an Inflatable Racing Kart for the Wii. For $40 you can fly around the turns with Princess Peach and Bowser from your own vehicle. Use an external air pump to inflate your car and slip your Wii remote — with or without MotionPlus connected — into the attached spinning steering wheel and you’re on your way.

Technologizer’s Jared Newman tried it out and reports the best part of the experience was the bit of bounciness you get after leaning into a turn. “Potentially worth the $40 asking price,” Newman writes.

The accessory works with any Wii racing game and can handle a driver up to 300 pounds. Technologizer says the kart shipped this week to Best Buy and the Web sites of Target, Amazon and Walmart. I only found it at Target and Amazon.

DirtDiver is already saving up.

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