Would you let your kid blog?

My 9-year-old daughter launched a blog this summer. Inspired by the tween television show iCarly, she and her friend wanted their own website. They strategized at school on funny skits they would create and what they would call their site.

“Mom, could we have a website?” ¬†she asked tentatively, after sharing all they had dreamed of.

My first inclination was no. They’re too young. Who knows what kind of trouble could be created on many different levels? Then I thought again.

Why not let them experiment with their creativity in a medium that already is so big a part of their lives and only will get bigger. They would need boundaries and rules and my approval on their posts. They would also need the permission of the friend’s parents.

My rules:

1. No use of their real names on the blog. They could have code names. I explained there was no need for strangers who might see the blog to know their names. If they became famous we would deal with that later.

2. No pictures or videos of themselves on the blog. They could record skits featuring stuffed animals or Barbie dolls. While we wanted to entertain, we didn’t need to share everything about ourselves with the whole world.

Everyone agreed. They were ready to roll.

The blog was launched. One post of zoo field trip pictures was published. Two videos were made but have yet to appear. I guess creating a web presence is not as easy as iCarly makes it look. But it’s there when they’re ready, and they’ll be back around.

What do you think? Were my rules too restrictive or too loose? Do you let your kid blog?

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I am a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter and blogger. Contact me for your next creative project.
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2 Responses to Would you let your kid blog?

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  2. your bro says:

    I personally practice this type of anonymity myself even tho I’m a 35 year old kid, so no the rules are not too harsh. It is fun to express yourself through internet these days, like I do with recording video game footage, but it should remain anonymous and focus on the activity not the ppl creating it. The only exception I see justifiable is when it concerns buisness or commercial interest, like if you were trying to get your kids sponsored for like sports, TV, or something then you wouldn’t want them to be anonymous but just for entertainment sake they should remain anonymous.

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