Safe Blogging for Kids

Rose Red not blogging.

I wrote yesterday about allowing Rose Red to start a blog. Here’s a concise list of tips on safe blogging for kids from Microsoft. Other resources I found on the topic were too wordy or required me to wade through a ton of ads to get to their info.

One of Microsoft’s tips is to “(e)valuate the blogging service and find out if it offers private,¬†password-protected blogs.”

We started Rose Red’s WordPress blog with password-protection on the posts. I liked that feeling of control, but she was disappointed that the world — and even some of her friends — couldn’t see it. I understood her complaint and we changed it, which requires more diligence on my part but makes her feel like she’s really doing something worthwhile — when, of course, she gets back to doing it.

For now, she’s busy playing soccer. Do you have kids who have made a serious commitment to blogging?

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