Sit or Squat Bathroom App Worth It?

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Image by Peter E. Lee via Flickr

Many months ago I mentioned a smart phone app called Sit or Squat that helps busy moms and everyone else find the nearest public restroom. Since then I’ve actually acquired an iPhone and can tell you how it works.

It works…OK.

I was disappointed with its offerings in my own small town. Within a mile of my house it gives me a nearby Chili’s restaurant and a Starbucks but in between skips a WalMart, three gas stations, three fast food joints, and two major home improvement warehouse stores. When you are in a car with a kid who has to go, those minutes spent searching are precious.

Since it’s free, I’ll keep it and hope it’s useful when we visit New York City next summer. And I’ll try it in our biggest New Mexico city soon and let you know.

Question: Do you even need an app to help you find the potty?

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