Football and the Digital Mom

Youth football season has come to an end for my two Tiger teams. Here’s what we’ve learned:

Cool Breeze out for a pass.

1. When you practice four nights a week, devote several hours on Saturday to games and host a coaches meeting on one of the team’s days off, there’s not a lot of time for digital pursuits for anyone. And that’s a good thing. Using your body and your mind to push yourself past your limits — not just the next level of Super Mario Bros. — helps you grow. Sitting at practice wishing your small town had 3G coverage teaches you patience.

2. Shutterfly is a great place to share photos of the team. Every team needs a mom with a digital SLR camera to shoot the games and post the photos. I was that mom this year. Yes, my kid may be overrepresented in the photos, but for the most part I did a good job of capturing something good of everyone. On Shutterfly‘s share sites, you can post your photos for free and give your team access. From there they can download the photos to their own computers or order prints from Shutterfly. Sweet.

Dirt Diver and Dog Patch talk it over.


3. Football withdrawal is painful. Cool Breeze has been moping for four days. The same practice he dreaded a week ago, he’s now pining for. Even a marathon session of Infamous on the PS3 offered no relief. With no strategy to plan for molding Dirt Diver and the other 7-year-olds into football players, Dog Patch finished all his work by 2 p.m. and started on the projects that have taken a backseat since the end of July.

And me, no more letting the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl family cook for me once a week.


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4 Responses to Football and the Digital Mom

  1. Amanda says:

    So how long before basketball season starts?;) Cute blog!

  2. Chris Witt says:

    These football seasons are a joy to watch. Those kids learn discipline, teamwork, and life skills-even at the 1st level of the 7 year old players. It is especially apparent when they are well coached……………… Dad

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