Nintendo 3DS: “I want to hug those guys!”

Nintendo 3DS

Image by Dekuwa via Flickr

Was anyone in your house counting the days to March 27, frantically performing yard work for neighbors, and searching for quarters in couches? In my house this meant awaiting the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS.

A month ago, Cool Breeze and Rose Red made the decision to trade in their old DS Lite for $50 in credit at GameStop for Nintendo’s newest handheld game. The $250 3DS promised amazing 3D graphics without the use of 3D glasses. They saved up, Cool Breeze making the biggest contribution, but on release day they were $100 short. Cool Breeze stomped around and sighed for a day before Mom offered a $25 contribution and a $75 loan.

The guys at GameStop celebrated with them as they finalized their purchase. “You’re gonna love it!” they cried. “Woo hoo, the 3DS!” they chanted. They were as excited as their customers.

Having unpackaged and started the thing up before even leaving the parking lot, Cool Breeze exclaimed in ecstacy, “I just want to run back in there and hug one of those guys!”

I guess it was worth it.

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6 Responses to Nintendo 3DS: “I want to hug those guys!”

  1. As I commented on another blog: “The 3DS is certainly top of the line in Nintendo’s DS series, even coming as a preference over rival companies’ technologies. The system produces a dynamic 3-D affect that is sure to amaze!” It’s an amazing piece of technology, and certainly long-awaited. Now if only Nintendo would release those updates!

  2. Diane says:

    It’s awesome that they were able to raise so much money on their own. My son keeps saying that he wants a DS because his cousin has one, but I think he’s a little too young for hand held video games. He’s only 4.

  3. Thanks for linking to my Nintendo Scene website. 🙂

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