Are you ready for mobile learning?

Future of Learning

Future of Learning

Are you ready for mobile learning?

Called one of education’s fastest growing trends, mobile learning takes place on iPods, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Nooks and netbooks. Chris Dede of Harvard University describes mobile learning in a recent report as “(l)earning a variety of content and skills anytime, anyplace with a small device light enough to be carried in one hand.”

It came to light for me in two ways last week. Our local newspaper featured a story on an elementary technology magnet school in Albuquerque, N.M., using a set of iPod Touches in the classroom to teach reading and math to fourth and fifth graders. The Albuquerque Journal doesn’t make its content available online, but there some information on the program at the Tech Savvy Mama blog.

The second application was more personal. This year school sent home a summer reading list for each of the kids. Just two books each, easily manageable. As we prepared for a weekend driving trip to visit family, Rose Red came to me with a request. Could we download “Island of the Blue Dolphins” onto the iPhone Kindle app so she could start on the list right away?

Made perfect sense, except for the fact that we could have checked it out at the library for free. Despite that, I do feel its time is definitely coming and we may as well get comfortable with it now.

What’s your experience with mlearning? photo: soopahgrover

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5 Responses to Are you ready for mobile learning?

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  2. Jeanette says:

    Melissa- I couldn’t agree with you more. This is definitely the future for education. Diego puts me to shame with his comfort with technology, and he will do alphabet flash cards on the ipad for 30 minutes, as opposed to 3 with the paper flashcards. My concern with the ipad and Diego is he can quickly change from app to app. I’m sure studies will soon start comming out linking ipads to ADHD.

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  4. Liza Sanchez says:

    Thanks for your perspective on this! While we still want to encourage children to get outdoors and experience life without screens there are some amazing learning opportunities that mobile technology brings to children that we could never have imagined growing up. There really are so many amazing ways to learn with this new mobile technology. It truly is amazing the types of learning experiences children can have. From traveling around the globe with Google Earth or Skyping with children in other countries, the iPad and other iOS devices have brought a whole new approach to learning. Check out our educational app review site to see the very best apps for teaching and learning rated by teachers and parents.

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