Is 3D Safe for Young Eyes?

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Everything seems to be offered in 3D today. It’s almost hard to find a family movie that’s not in 3D. The new Nintendo 3DS is a big hit in my house. So is 3D safe for those developing eyes?

The American Optometric Association says it is. In it’s 3D Eye Health FAQ, the association says “no detrimental effects of 3D viewing have been reported at any age.” It offers that handheld devices held close to the face place higher demands on vision so frequent breaks are recommended. As for those warnings that come with all your video games about seizures, the optometrists say it is not a concern for most children.

The optometrists have even said that the 3DS may help identity eye health problems. If your kid can’t see the 3D effect on the game, get him an eye exam.

So, game on, my friends. The docs say it’s OK.

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1 Response to Is 3D Safe for Young Eyes?

  1. We all worry about the new technology – Thank you for shedding some light

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