What’s a mediocrity?

“To be popular one must be a mediocrity,” I told Rose Red, regurgitating an Oscar Wilde quote I read somewhere on the Internet today as she complained about the latest fifth-grade power play.

“What’s a mediocrity?” she asked.

No mediocrity here.

“Something that’s mediocre, just OK, not great or above anything else. See, when you have great ideas that are above the box and not inside it, it makes you different, it makes you not mediocre, not just like everyone else. Oh, people will come around eventually and adopt or even steal your great ideas, but not right away.

“You’re not a mediocrity,” I added. “You’re something way better. That’s important.”

I hope she got the message.


About Melissa W. Sais

I am a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter and blogger. Contact me for your next creative project.
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2 Responses to What’s a mediocrity?

  1. Nana says:

    This Rose will never be mediocre. She is a stand out! Love her to the “moon and back”!

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