Siri and I — not fighting.

You may have noticed I’m not a techie. I know what I have to and research what I need to in order to keep up with my kids. So, no, I was not waiting on the edge of my seat for the iOS 6 upgrade for my iPhone. On Saturday, Snake Doc informed me it was available and that I should download it.

“What’s it do?” I asked.

“This,” he replied. Then he asked Siri what time Notre Dame plays. It came up with the answer along with a nice graphic showing both football teams’ records. The best thing about that — it gave the game time in our time zone.

That’s cool, I guess. But Siri and I have a tragic history. She’s never really been there for me when I needed her most and she’s made me yell “You’re worthless!” into my phone numerous times.

So I asked her latest version for movie times in my town, and she gave me a nice list. I told her thank you and she said she only lives to serve me. I thought, maybe I’ll give her another chance. I asked her the same question from the same spot in my house about five hours later and she told me she could only find movies 30 miles from my town. What? Our love-hate relationship continues.

People are up in arms over the loss of Google Maps and the outrageous mistakes in Apple Maps. So far no trouble with Apple maps, but I’m anxiously awaiting finding my first crazy flaw. I think I’ll also appreciate the turn-by-turn navigation, as long as it navigates me to where I really want to go.

I may also appreciate the new way you can reject a call but send the caller a “call you later” text. We’ll see if when the phone rings I have the where-with-all to swipe the screen correctly to get to that option.

So, iOS 6 — go ahead and get it if you don’t mind continuing to fight with Siri.


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I am a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter and blogger. Contact me for your next creative project.
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