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Extended family calendar goes on-line

Exploring on-line calendars for the extended family. Continue reading

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Motivated to Save

Because digital gadgets are so expensive, my purchase of them is limited to birthdays and Christmas. What that means is that my kids have become quite adept at saving up for things they want. Let me say that another way: my oldest has become adept at getting his siblings to join in saving for things he’s got his eye on but thinks they’ll enjoy too. Continue reading

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Thank you, iTunes

Amassing music digitally makes it so much easier to get your current favorites. Can’t you remember making a four-hour long tape recording of America’s Top 40? And how about 45s — Lucky Star by Madonna, anyone? Cassette singles? Don’t Worry, Be Happy? Yikes! Continue reading

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How many gadgets?

How many gadgets does it take for a family of five to fly for four hours? Here’s my packing list: 1. Three iPod Shuffles loaded with playlists ranging from The Backyardagins to Taylor Swift to 3 Doors Down 2. One … Continue reading

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Avoid the Crash

Abused Laptop Keyboard Originally uploaded by splorp The tanking economy and stock market woes has put the word “crash” on many a mind. There’s not much most of us can do to assist Bernanke or Geithner with their epic endeavor, … Continue reading

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A Five-Year-Old and an iPod

Does a five-year-old need an iPod? Continue reading

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