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Birthday: Digital v. Unplugged

Today is Rose Red’s 9th birthday. Before today I might have described her as the most thoughtful member of the household, but she seems to have inspired her brothers to greatness. Continue reading

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RuneScape Abandoned

Five months ago RuneScape was the only thing Cool Breeze could talk or think about. The mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) consumed the then 10-year-old. I listened in during a car ride as he and a friend talked for 40 … Continue reading

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Motivated to Save

Because digital gadgets are so expensive, my purchase of them is limited to birthdays and Christmas. What that means is that my kids have become quite adept at saving up for things they want. Let me say that another way: my oldest has become adept at getting his siblings to join in saving for things he’s got his eye on but thinks they’ll enjoy too. Continue reading

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On alert for video game rash

Well, thought I could relax.  It now seems that a new danger is lurking for digital moms to worry about — PlayStation palmar hidradenitis. The BBC reported in February that a 12-year-old girl received treatment in a Swiss hospital for … Continue reading

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Maybe I can relax – a little

I think all digital moms worry about the amount of “screen time” we allow our kids. I sometimes have to step back and realize that my kids are active and healthy. They enjoy many different activities and know how to have fun in many different ways. Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment

We’ve had the first fall out from RuneScape. My son’s teacher had to ask him and his friend to stop talking video games incessantly or she would take away their recesses for the rest of the week. Later in the day they forgot the threat, and subsequently got the punishment. Continue reading

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Wii Play

For me and my family, video gaming is a matter of balance. Keeping that balance falls to me, but it’s a responsibility I’m willing to take. Continue reading

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