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Sit or Squat Bathroom App Worth It?

Many months ago I mentioned a smart phone app called Sit or Squat that helps busy moms and everyone else find the nearest public restroom. Since then I’ve actually acquired an iPhone and can tell you how it works. Continue reading

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WordPress App: Worth It?

I’ll be testing the Wordpress app for the iPhone this week. Continue reading

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Communal iPhone?

Can the iPhone be communal? Only with contstant oversight. Continue reading

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Nearest bathroom app — for real

I know that all moms have maps to the nearest restroom from any where they are currently located permanently imprinted on their brains, but now there’s an app for that. Continue reading

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Digital Groceries

As well as being a Digital Mom, I’m also sort of an organization nerd. Not that I’m organized all the time, I just like lists and I like to cross stuff off of them. I especially love my grocery list. Continue reading

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How many gadgets?

How many gadgets does it take for a family of five to fly for four hours? Here’s my packing list: 1. Three iPod Shuffles loaded with playlists ranging from The Backyardagins to Taylor Swift to 3 Doors Down 2. One … Continue reading

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