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Football and the Digital Mom

Youth football season has come to an end for my two Tiger teams. Here’s what we’ve learned. Continue reading

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I Miss My Library

Today I showed up and learned that due to budget cuts, the library has cut it hours. It is no longer available to me at my favorite time to devote a solid hour to writing. Continue reading

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Blog Much?

The 2010 WordCount Blogathon begins today. Our challenge: A blog a day in the month of May. Continue reading

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Photo Tutor

Lindsay Silverman, a senior technical manager at Nikon, pointed me to a great spot on Nikon USA’s website with a ton of articles to improve your skills with a digital SLR camera. If you’re frustrated or need some inspiration, check … Continue reading

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Communal iPhone?

Can the iPhone be communal? Only with contstant oversight. Continue reading

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Advent Adventures

For the past few years my kids and I have created an Advent calendar with the help of Family Fun magazine’s website. Continue reading

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RuneScape Abandoned

Five months ago RuneScape was the only thing Cool Breeze could talk or think about. The mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) consumed the then 10-year-old. I listened in duringĀ a car ride as he and a friend talked for 40 … Continue reading

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Facebook Etiquette

Ever wonder how to behave properly on Facebook? Continue reading

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Star Party Report

Although the skies did not produce the “brilliant fireballs” promised for Digital Mom’s star party (we had a cloudy horizon), we did have a great time reclining on the driveway, using our NASA star finder, and messing around with the … Continue reading

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Unplugged: Girls and Curls

You don’t get any more unplugged than sponge rollers placed with precision by your dad. Continue reading

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