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Football and the Digital Mom

Youth football season has come to an end for my two Tiger teams. Here’s what we’ve learned. Continue reading

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Sit or Squat Bathroom App Worth It?

Many months ago I mentioned a smart phone app called Sit or Squat that helps busy moms and everyone else find the nearest public restroom. Since then I’ve actually acquired an iPhone and can tell you how it works. Continue reading

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Safe Blogging for Kids

Here’s a concise list of tips on safe blogging for kids from Microsoft. Continue reading

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Would you let your kid blog?

My 9-year-old daughter launched a blog this summer. Inspired by the tween television show iCarly, she and her friend wanted their own website. Continue reading

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Mario’s Origins

My kids got a kick out of this: Mario (of Nintendo Super Mario fame) is named after a real man. Continue reading

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Communal iPhone?

Can the iPhone be communal? Only with contstant oversight. Continue reading

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Advent Adventures

For the past few years my kids and I have created an Advent calendar with the help of Family Fun magazine’s website. Continue reading

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