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Star Party Tonight

Tonight we hope to get a live action show as the Capricornids meteor shower peaks with its “brilliant fireballs. Continue reading

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Maybe I can relax – a little

I think all digital moms worry about the amount of “screen time” we allow our kids. I sometimes have to step back and realize that my kids are active and healthy. They enjoy many different activities and know how to have fun in many different ways. Continue reading

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Wii Play

For me and my family, video gaming is a matter of balance. Keeping that balance falls to me, but it’s a responsibility I’m willing to take. Continue reading

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Investigating MMORPGs

What does a Digital Mom do when her 10-year-old wants to register to play something called RuneScape, a “massively mulitplayer online role playing game” — an MMORPG? Continue reading

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Surprise! Kids Motivate Digital Moms

The Razorfish study examining the lives of moms in the digital world, Digital Mom, found that moms with children 12 and older are motivated to adopt new technologies to stay in tune with their children. These momsĀ use social networks, blog, … Continue reading

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